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AC-200 PNR headset

The AC-200 PNR headset offers simple and affordable PNR (passive noise reduction) performance. Avcomm’s exclusive patented PNR audio technology features high efficiency ultra-lite speakers, incredible voice clarity, higher noise attenuation, and lighter weight for improved comfort
Key Features:
  • Simple and affordable PNR performance
  • Incredible voice clarity
  • Higher noise attenuation
  • Ultra-lite Neodymium speakers
  • Volume control and easy to adjust stainless steel headband
  • Acoustic foam ear seals and acoustic mic muffM-65 microphone with active filtering chip
  • Lighter weight; weighs only 13.4 oz.
  • Full five-year factory warranty


Pilot Starter Kit

Gleim’s Private Pilot Kit is designed to help you expedite your training for your private pilot certificate. We offer a complete training program at a price you can afford. We prepare “user-friendly” self-study materials that are carefully designed to make it easy for you to learn and understand.

Contains everything you need (except airplane and instructor) Offers an all-in-one package at an affordable price Save money by purchasing all required materials together

Set Contents:

  • Gleim Flight Bag
  • Gleim Cap Flight Computer
  • FAR/AIM Pilot Logbook
  • Pilot Handbook
  • Navigational Plotter Private Flight Maneuvers & Practical Test Prep
  • Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Test
  • Private Pilot Knowledge Test Prep Software Download
  • Private Pilot Syllabus
  • Private Pilot Training Record


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