Certifications And Training

Airplane Rental

All of our aircraft rent for $155 wet, which includes the cost of fuel and oil. In order to rent from us you will need to fly with one of our instructors for 1 hour in the type aircraft you are interested in renting. We offer 3 C172 aircraft as well as a Piper Archer II 181 and a Piper Cherokee 160.

ATP Training

In order to fly as a pilot for an airline you must go on and receive your ATP license, or your Airline Transport Pilot license. This is the last rating you would need if you are looking to work for a regional or legacy airline (Endeavor, SkyWest, Delta, American, United, etc.) This rating requires 1,500 total hours of flying, of which 500 must be cross country flying, 100 hours of night flying, and 75 hours of instrument flying.

Instrument Proficiency Checks

To continue flying in instrument conditions you will need to undergo an Instrument Proficiency Check every so often. It is a full review of knowledge and procedures needed to safely fly an aircraft under actual or simulated instrument conditions.

Private Pilot Training

In order to become a private pilot you will need to learn the maneuvers and cross country planning required by the practical test. This is the first and most basic license, where you will learn the fundamentals needed to fly during good weather. You will be able to fly during the day or night, with or without passengers. This rating requires that you be at least 17 years old and have a minimum of 40 hours that will include solo flying, cross country flying, and night flying.

Commercial Training

If you are looking to make a career out of flying you will need to become a Commercially rated pilot. This license will allow you to fly and be paid, whether it is a job as small as towing banners or dropping skydivers or as advanced as flying a passenger jet. All of them require a commercial license at minimum. The rating requires a minimum of 250 total flight hours, 50 of which must be cross country flying.

CFI Training

If you are looking to share your love of flying with new prospective pilots, a Certified Flight Instructor rating is for you! This rating will allow you to teach new pilots the skills and knowledge required for them to reach their goals and become private or commercial pilots. If you would like to instruct students on the skills for an instrument rating you would need to take an additional check ride to receive your CFII, or Certified Flight Instrument Instructor. You must possess a Commercial Pilot license to become a CFI, and receive at least 3 hours of training in preparation for the check ride.

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