Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Private Pilot License?

This license allows you to fly during the day and night, with friends and family in VFR conditions, basically good weather.


Who can get a Private Pilot License?

You must be 16 years old to solo, and 17 to get your license.


What does it take to be a pilot?

Becoming a pilot is not as ominous as it may sound. Most everyone has the ability to become a pilot. From the first lesson you will take to the air with an instructor that will guide you through your training on a one on one basis. During flight training you will learn how to operate an aircraft safely and efficiently. Click on the "Training Requirements" tab to see the FAA requirements.


What does it cost?

Cost is dependent on a couple of variables. While 40 hours is the minimum required for a private pilot license, the national average varies between 50-60 hours. Completion at closer to 40 hours is very possible with dedication in studying between lessons and minimizing the time between lessons in an effort to aid in retention. Give us a call and we will discuss cost based on type of aircraft used.


How long does training take?

Time of training is based on a couple of factors. There is no deadline on how long flight training takes. Some finish training in as few as two months; others take as much as a year to complete training. The time it takes you will be based on weather and how often your schedule will allow you to fly. Shorter time between lessons shortens the training time and of course the opposite is true as well. Someone flying only once a week will take much longer.


Shelby County vs Birmingham International?

Why should you choose Shelby County Airport over a larger airport like Birmingham? Shelby County is an uncontrolled airport. That means from the time you start your engine, until you're in the air training, is about five minutes. Flying out of a larger controlled airport such as Birmingham International takes much longer.


At Birmingham, you will talk to clearance delivery, ground control and tower before getting in the air. There can also be delays while waiting for other aircraft to take off or land, while you're waiting, the clock is running which cost you more. Because of the congestion at a busy airport most of your training will take place outside Birmingham's airspace. As you travel to and from the training area the clock is running, costing you more. When you have finished training for the day you have to return to Birmingham. Approach control could get you right in, or they could delay you while other aircraft are taking off or landing, costing you more.


How do I get started?

Just give us a call and schedule your first lesson and let’s get started. Not sure flying is for you? Then schedule a discovery flight for only $125. After your discovery flight you’ll know if right away if you’re ready to proceed. If you’re like most, this is something you’ve always wanted to do so fulfill your dream…learn to fly!