Why Over the Mountain?

Why Over the Mountain?

Why should you choose Shelby County Airport over a larger airport like Birmingham?

Shelby County is an uncontrolled airport. That means from the time you start your engine, until you’re in the air training, is about five minutes. Flying out of a larger controlled airport such as Birmingham International can take much longer.

At Birmingham, you will talk to clearance delivery, ground control and tower before getting in the air. There can also be delays while waiting for other aircraft to take off or land, while you’re waiting, the clock is running which cost you more.

Because of the congestion at a busy airport most of your training will take place outside Birmingham’s airspace. As you travel to and from the training area the clock is running, costing you more.When you have finished training for the day you have to return to Birmingham. Approach control could get you right in, or they could delay you while other aircraft are taking off or landing, costing you more.

So you see, it just makes sense- Shelby County is the perfect place for your training.

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